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01:05:04KotakuNEU: Arkham Knight?s New Catwoman And Robin DLC Is A Drag
00:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: Best Video Game Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015
00:55:02Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Unravel - Neues Gameplay-Detail bestätigt
00:30:01SteamNEU: Now Available on Steam - Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul
00:25:01KotakuNEU: The Steam Controller Just Got A Great New Feature
00:25:01KotakuNEU: League Of Legends Fan Makes Emotional Tribute To Older Version Of His Favorite Character
00:15:03Videogaming247NEU: Anno 2205’s first free DLC detailed, Tundra expansion due February
00:05:04KotakuNEU: The Best Black Friday Gaming Deals


23:50:03Videogaming247NEU: Far Cry Primal gameplay to debut at The Game Awards 2015
23:35:04Gamespot.comNEU: Best Buy Black Friday Sale Has Xbox One and 40" 1080p TV for $500
23:30:07Videogaming247NEU: Take a look at the European-inspired Windenburg in The Sims 4: Get Together
23:30:01SteamNEU: Team Fortress 2 Update Released
23:25:03KotakuNEU: Deadspin The Patriots Are Sketchy And Deserve Scrutiny | Jezebel Male Film Critic Savagely Mauled By
23:25:03KotakuNEU: Night Dive Studios, the team that released a HD version of System Shock, now own the rights to the s
23:20:03Gamespot.comNEU: Lara Croft Go Gets Free Expansion
23:15:03Videogaming247NEU: Breaking Benjamin frontman derides “piece of shit” Star Wars: Battlefront
23:10:01Major NelsonNEU: First-person Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One
23:05:33KotakuNEU: Why So Many People Are Yelling About Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
22:55:05Gamespot.comNEU: Best Fallout 4 PC Mods
22:55:05Gamespot.comNEU: This Awesome-Looking God of War Kratos Statue Costs $500, Only 500 Are Being Made
22:50:03Videogaming247NEU: The Division – here’s more on leveling, skills, perks and some gameplay
22:50:03Videogaming247NEU: Destiny: King’s Fall Challenge Mode coming early December
22:40:06ShackNewsNEU: Total War: Warhammer latest trailer highlights Grimgor Ironhide's thirst for blood
22:25:02KotakuNEU: How A Cool StarCraft Cosplay Photo Was Made
22:15:03Videogaming247NEU: Codemasters says it will focus on racing games going forward
22:05:04ShackNewsNEU: Amazon outlines Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2015 Lightning Deals
22:05:04ShackNewsNEU: Shack Reels: Shack's Arcade Corner: Crazy Taxi
22:05:04KotakuNEU: The Problem With The Post-Bungie Halo Campaigns
22:05:04KotakuNEU: Play PS4 Games Remotely With the Vita, Which Is Cheaper Than Ever Today
21:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: Rocket League Getting Winter Games Event
21:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: Singer Who Destroyed Star Wars Battlefront Disc and Called Game "Piece of Sh*t" Still Hates It
21:50:02Videogaming247NEU: The Exploration Sale is live on Steam – save money through December 1
21:40:03PCGamesNEU: Disney Infinity 3.0: Neue Star Wars-Figuren im Trailer gezeigt
21:35:05Gamespot.comNEU: Marvel Heroes Adds New Character Voiced By Veteran Harley Quinn Voice Actress
21:25:02ShackNewsNEU: PlayStation Plus December 2015 free games lineup includes King's Quest and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
21:25:02KotakuNEU: Heroes Of The Storm?s Newest Map Screws With The Whole MOBA Formula
21:25:02KotakuNEU: This Giftable, Cardboard-Compatible VR Headset is Down to $20 Today
21:25:02KotakuNEU: Every Hint and Clue Hidden in the Captain America: Civil War Trailer
21:05:03ShackNewsNEU: Lara Croft GO searches for the 'Shard of Life' tomorrow; drops to $3 for the weekend
21:05:03ShackNewsNEU: Indivisible creators discuss mythology, art style, 505 Games, and its Indiegogo campaign
21:05:03KotakuNEU: How To Get Fallout 4 Running On A Terrible Old Computer
20:55:03Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Hardware-Charts aus Japan - KW 47: 3DS baut Vorsprung weiter aus
20:55:03Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Software-Charts aus Japan - KW 47: Star Wars erobert Fernost
20:55:03Gameswelt.deNEU: News: PlayStation Plus - Die kostenfreien Spiele im Dezember
20:55:03Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Open Beta kurzfristig verschoben
20:55:03Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Version 1.2 für PS4 und Xbox One veröffentlicht
20:55:03Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Software-Charts aus Deutschland - KW 46: Fallout 4 auch hierzulande famos
20:35:05Gamespot.comNEU: Steam's PC Fall Sale Starts Today
20:25:03KotakuNEU: Want a Big TV This Black Friday? Our Favorite Deal is Back In Stock.
20:20:03Gamespot.comNEU: Destiny Getting "Harder" Challenge Modes for King's Fall Raid
20:10:05GamersHellNEU: Escape from Tarkov Gameplay Video
20:10:05GamersHellNEU: Cubixx HD Heading to Steam
20:10:05GamersHellNEU: Quake Bundle Released
20:05:04KotakuNEU: Steam?s autumn sale is in full swing.
20:05:04KotakuNEU: Smite?s ?Ultimate God Pack,? which gives you every character currently in the game plus any future c
20:05:03ShackNewsNEU: Rocket League declares 'Snow Day' in December with new hockey mode
20:05:01SpeedManiacsNEU: DiRT Rally: Steam Early Access-Phase bald vorbei, Releasetermin bekannt
19:55:06PCGamesNEU: Steam: Herbst Sale gestartet - Angebote bis zum 1. Dezember
19:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: 15 Things From the Star Wars Prequels That Were Actually Awesome
19:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: 17 Weirdest Ways To Power Up in RPGs
19:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: The 15 best ways to slay a dragon
19:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: Reality Check - How to Survive Fallout 4's Nuclear Blast
19:55:04Gamespot.comNEU: First Far Cry Primal Footage Coming Next Week
19:50:01GamersHellNEU: HeroWarz Anime Video
19:50:01GamersHellNEU: Sphere 3: Enchanted World Dated
19:50:01GamersHellNEU: FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 Announced, First Screens and Video Revealed
19:40:05ShackNewsNEU: Chattycast 72: 2015's Biggest Turkeys
19:40:04SpeedManiacsNEU: GAME STOCKCAR EXTREME: Reiza Studios stellt V1.51 bereit
19:35:05Gamespot.comNEU: Hearthstone Announces $1 Million Prize for World Championship Tour
19:30:01SteamNEU: The Steam Exploration Sale Starts Now!
19:20:05PCGamesNEU: Playstation Plus: Dezember 2015 - die Gratis-Spiele für PS4, PS3 und PS Vita
19:20:05PCGamesNEU: Fallout 4: Skyrim-Oma findet es nicht gut
19:20:05PCGamesNEU: Total War: Warhammer - Trailer zeigt die Kampagnen-Karte
19:20:05SpeedManiacsNEU: Assetto Corsa: Version 1.3.5 mit Audi R8 V10 Plus-Bonuswagen veröffentlicht
19:20:03Gamespot.comNEU: This RPG-inspired cosplay is some of the most epic we've seen
19:15:04Videogaming247NEU: Nintendo’s Black Friday eShop sale kicks off today with prices as low as $5
19:10:064PlayersNEU: Steam - Black Friday Sale: "Entdeckungsaktion" gestartet - ohne Blitzangebote
19:10:064PlayersNEU: Total War: Warhammer - Ork-Anführer Grimgor Ironhide im Trailer und erster Ausblick auf die Kampagnen-Karte
19:05:04ShackNewsNEU: Nintendo Cyber Deals offer eShop discounts through Monday
19:05:04KotakuNEU: 10 Close Calls That Brought Smash Bros. Matches Down To The Wire
19:05:04KotakuNEU: Here Are December?s PlayStation Plus And Xbox Live Gold Games
18:50:03Videogaming247NEU: Latest console patch for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is ready for download
18:50:014PlayersNEU: Rainbow Six Siege: Offener Betatest startet heute auf allen Plattformen
18:35:06Gamespot.comNEU: The Mummy Reboot Producers Deny Tom Cruise in Talks for Lead
18:30:08Videogaming247NEU: GTA Online: earn Double GTA$ & RP in all Adversary Modes this weekend
18:30:064PlayersNEU: PlayStation Plus im Dezember: Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, King's Quest - Kapitel 1, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon und Freedom Wars
18:30:064PlayersNEU: WRC 5: Infos zum ersten Patch
18:30:064PlayersNEU: The Whispered World: Ist heute für iPad erschienen
18:30:06GamersHellNEU: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Released, Launch Trailer
18:25:03ShackNewsNEU: Shakedown Hawaii is the follow-up to Retro City Rampage
18:25:03KotakuNEU: The Best Gifts For Someone Who Loves Video Game Art
18:25:03KotakuNEU: Disney Infinity 3.0 Should Have Led With The Force Awakens
18:20:02Gamespot.comNEU: Why You Should Buy an Xbox One for 2016
18:20:02Gamespot.comNEU: Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Notes Include Bug Fixes and More
18:15:03Videogaming247NEU: December PS Plus: King?s Quest, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and more
18:15:03Videogaming247NEU: Open beta for Rainbow Six Siege has been delayed
18:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Origin PC EON17-X Laptop Review: Phenominal Cosmic Powers
18:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Disney Infinity 3.0 is strong with first 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Play Set trailer
18:05:05KotakuNEU: Dark Knight III: The Master Race Is a Strange Sequel to A Batman Classic
18:05:05KotakuNEU: In the ongoing saga of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, another patch has dropped, and some players are
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