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07:05:04ShackNewsNEU: Shovel Knight gets his own Amiibo as Nintendo hints at inevitable sequel
06:20:03IGNNEU: Metal Gear's Weird Robot Crotch, New Fallout 4 Art and an Amiibo Intervention - Up At Noon Live
05:55:02KotakuNEU: Netflix on the Wii U now finally has the same UI as every other version of the service.
05:20:01KotakuNEU: Curiosity Killed The Solid Snake
05:20:01KotakuNEU: That's One Way To Avoid Rising Sea Levels
05:10:11GamersHellNEU: Trailers from GamersHell 28 August 2015
05:10:11GamersHellNEU: Casual Games 28 August 2015
05:10:11GamersHellNEU: Magnetic: Cage Closed Released on Xbox One, Launch Trailer
05:10:02Major NelsonNEU: Nova-111 Is Now Available For Xbox One
04:50:02GamersHellNEU: Company of Heroes 2 Released on Mac and Linux
04:50:02GamersHellNEU: Double Fine Productions Revealed Headlander, PAX Prime 2015 Trailer and Screens
04:45:03Major NelsonNEU: Magnetic: Cage Closed Is Now Available For Xbox One
04:30:10GamersHellNEU: Full Mojo Rampage Announced for Xbox One and PS4, Video and Screens
04:20:01KotakuNEU: Here, Learn How To Swordfight Like A Witcher
04:10:06GamersHellNEU: Persona 4: Dancing All Night Nanako Video and Screens
04:10:06GamersHellNEU: Brave Tank Hero Released on Wii U
03:55:02KotakuNEU: The Most Beautiful Consoles Are Made By Hand
03:50:03Videogaming247NEU: Uncharted 4 motion capture is progressing nicely
03:50:03Videogaming247NEU: Destiny: The Taken King download is 20GB or less
03:50:01GamersHellNEU: Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Screens 29 August 2015
03:50:01GamersHellNEU: Additional Platforms Revealed for Rocket League
03:50:01GamersHellNEU: Armored Warfare Fifth Early Access Test Next Month
03:50:01GamersHellNEU: Otherland Coming to Steam Next Month, Video Available
03:30:08Videogaming247NEU: Black Ops 3 brings back Nuketown – rumour
03:30:07GamersHellNEU: Bombshell PAX Prime 2015 Zeroth Guardian Trailer
03:30:07GamersHellNEU: Calvino Noir Released, Launch Trailer and Screens
03:30:07GamersHellNEU: Gotcha Racing Out Now
03:30:07GamersHellNEU: World of Tanks Marks of Excellence Update Deployed
03:20:03IGNNEU: Metal Gear's Weird Robot Crotch, New Fallout 4 Art and an Amiibo Intervention - Up At Noon Live
03:20:01KotakuNEU: I?m going to test out YouTube Gaming?s new streaming thingy on Crookz, a 70?s game about planning he
03:15:04Videogaming247NEU: You’ll only have to the dailies once per account in Destiny: The Taken King
03:10:07GamersHellNEU: Kickstarter Campaign Launched for GameKid
02:55:03KotakuNEU: Peach vs Zelda Fight Is Not For Children's Eyes
02:55:03KotakuNEU: What Smash Bros. Pros Are Doing With Their Fingers When They Play
02:50:04Videogaming247NEU: Rocket League tops 1M Steam sales, goes on sale
02:30:36Videogaming247NEU: Destiny: The Taken King delivers a Nigthfall-tier PvP activity
02:20:03IGNNEU: Madden NFL 16 Review
02:20:03IGNNEU: Fallout 4 Concept Art & Rainbow Mika Revealed for Street Fighter V - IGN Daily Fix
02:20:01KotakuNEU: Destiny Nightfalls Are Getting A Total Overhaul
02:15:03Videogaming247NEU: Bungie axing Nightfall XP boost, Weekly Heroic in Destiny: The Taken King
02:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Logitech Announces G933 and G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headsets
01:55:02KotakuNEU: The People Trying To Uncover A Game's Real Life Secret Society
01:50:04Videogaming247NEU: Shenmue 3 announce spikes Dreamcast console sales, retailers say
01:45:04ShackNewsNEU: HTC Vive demos at PAX Prime include Fantastic Contraption and Final Approach
01:30:07Videogaming247NEU: Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking back with Ubisoft
01:30:06GamersHellNEU: Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition Announced
01:25:04ShackNewsNEU: Mirrativ is a new Android livestreaming app from DeNA that broadcasts whatever is on-screen
01:20:03IGNNEU: Metal Gear's Weird Robot Crotch, New Fallout 4 Art and an Amiibo Intervention - Up At Noon Live
01:20:03IGNNEU: Rocket League Sells Over 1 Million Copies on Steam - IGN News
01:20:03IGNNEU: Forza 6 Demo Coming to Xbox One - IGN News
01:20:01KotakuNEU: Player Tweaks Graphics, Makes Black Ops 3 Look Like A PS1 Shooter
01:10:01Major NelsonNEU: Age Of Empires: Castle Siege Is Now Available On Windows 10
01:05:04SteamNEU: Now Available on Steam - One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
01:05:04SteamNEU: Team Fortress 2 Update Released
00:55:02KotakuNEU: Someone Made A Troll Level In Mario Maker, And Nintendo Actually Promoted It
00:25:04ShackNewsNEU: Sword Art Online: Lost Song Hands-On Impressions: Taking to the Skies
00:20:03BluesNewsNEU: Company of Heroes Series Free Weekend
00:20:03BluesNewsNEU: Mount & Blade: Warband Free Weekend
00:20:03BluesNewsNEU: Rocket League OS X and SteamOS Plans
00:20:03BluesNewsNEU: GeForce Windows 10 Hotfix
00:20:03BluesNewsNEU: More on Heroes of the Storm Rankings
00:20:01KotakuNEU: Watch Kirk Play Final Fantasy VI For The Second Time
00:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Analysis: Activision Blizzard Being Added to the S&P 500


23:35:04KotakuNEU: Twitch Plays Dark Souls continues to make steady progress, having just slain the particularly nasty
23:35:04KotakuNEU: I really enjoyed reading through Game Informer?s exhaustive summary of Destiny?s backstory and lore.
23:35:04KotakuNEU: Nextwave Is A Bloody Brilliant Comic Book That Everyone Should Read
23:25:04ShackNewsNEU: Sword Art Online: Lost Song Hands-On Impressions
23:20:02KotakuNEU: Nextwave Is A Bloody Brilliant Comic Book That Everyone Should Read
23:15:03Videogaming247NEU: Pokemon intro recreated in GTA 5 is rather hilarious
23:10:02GamestarNEU: The Park - Funcom verwandelt Freizeitpark in einen Ort des Grauens
23:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Lara Croft GO review - Raiding on the GO
23:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Logitech Announces G933 and G633 Atremis Spectrum Gaming Headsets
22:50:03Videogaming247NEU: Metal Gear Solid 5 is a “worthwhile” purchase on both PS4 and Xbox One – analysis
22:40:01IGNNEU: Is Shaman Finally Awesome in Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament?
22:35:04KotakuNEU: How Japan Censors Until Dawn's Most Disgusting Moment
22:35:04KotakuNEU: Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Help, I?ve Fallen In Love With A Cam Girl
22:30:10Videogaming247NEU: Here’s your first glimpse of Star Wars Battlefront DLC The Battle of Jakku
22:30:10Videogaming247NEU: Project Morpheus, Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted Collection playable at Sony’s PAX booth
22:20:03IGNNEU: Rocket League Sells Over 1 Million Copies on Steam
22:20:03IGNNEU: Headlander: Double Fine's New Decapitation-Centric Sci-Fi Adventure - IGN News
22:15:04Videogaming247NEU: Yakuza Character Pack now available for PAYDAY 2
22:10:02GamestarNEU: The Witcher 3 - Musik der The-Witcher-Spiele auf Streaming-Portalen veröffentlicht
22:10:02GamestarNEU: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns - Nächstes Betawochenende und Draufgänger vorgestellt
22:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Chattycast 59: That Belongs in a Museum!
21:55:03IGNNEU: Daily Deals: Tons Of $2 Kindle Books, Biggest PS4 Bundle In Ages, $10 Off Madden
21:55:03IGNNEU: Rainbow Mika Revealed for Street Fighter 5 - IGN News
21:55:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Forza Motorsport 6 - Gold-Status erreicht
21:55:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Hardware-Charts aus Japan - KW 34: 3DS trotz großen Verlusten weiter vorne
21:55:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Software-Charts aus Japan - KW 34: Super Robot Wars BX erklimmt Spitze
21:55:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Assassin's Creed - Der Film - Erstes Bild von Michael Fassbender als Assassine
21:55:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Square Enix - Erste Titel für die TGS 2015 bestätigt
21:55:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Project CARS - Dritter DLC veröffentlicht
21:50:03Videogaming247NEU: How Avalanche made Just Cause 3 even “bigger, better and more explosive” – video
21:50:03Videogaming247NEU: GTA 5 documentary takes us out of the sea and Onto The Land
21:50:014PlayersNEU: Kostenloses Wochenende: Company of Heroes 2
21:40:01IGNNEU: App Store Update: August 27
21:40:01IGNNEU: Lara Croft Go Review
21:40:01IGNNEU: Game Scoop!: The Craziest Video Game Contests
21:35:04KotakuNEU: Photoshops Make Fallout Monsters Look Realistic, Terrifying
21:25:03ShackNewsNEU: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper explores the dungeons of 'A Realm Reborn' in September
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