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00:10:03AdventureTreffNEU: Vierte Episode vom Wirehead-Let's Play online
00:10:01KotakuNEU: I'm Not Sure What XCOM 2 Wants Me To Do Here
00:10:01KotakuNEU: Gawker Oh My God, a U.S.
00:05:26ShackNewsNEU: World of Warcraft: Legion will debut the 'Maw of Souls' on Twitch today


23:55:03Videogaming247NEU: $10M Dying Light Spotlight Edition includes speaking role in movie
23:25:24ShackNewsNEU: A new Dead Island game has been rated in Australia
23:25:24ShackNewsNEU: Stuff That Sucks: Destiny Drama
23:25:24ShackNewsNEU: The Xbox One Backward Compatible Games List Grows Ever Larger
23:20:05Gamespot.comNEU: Destiny's Spring Update Brings Light Increase, New PvE Challenges, More Gear
23:15:054PlayersNEU: Destiny: Große Erweiterung in diesem Jahr; Nachfolger kommt 2017; Update im Anmarsch
23:05:06ShackNewsNEU: New Call of Duty from Infinity Ward coming holiday 2016
23:05:06ShackNewsNEU: Skylanders and Guitar Hero cited in lower-than-expected Activision profits
23:05:03Gamespot.comNEU: Street Fighter 5 In-Game Store Launches March, Survival and Challenge Modes Detailed
22:55:05Videogaming247NEU: Destiny: large new expansion separate from big spring update
22:45:04ShackNewsNEU: Destiny 2 coming in 2017; one more large expansion planned for Destiny
22:45:04KotakuNEU: Destiny Expansion Coming This Year; Destiny 2 In 2017 
22:40:05IGNNEU: Destiny Expansion, Sequel Get Release Windows
22:40:04Gamespot.comNEU: New Call of Duty Confirmed for 2016, Coming From Infinity Ward
22:40:04Gamespot.comNEU: Destiny 2 Launching in 2017; "Large" New Expansion Coming This Year
22:35:06Videogaming247NEU: Fallout 4 DLC “not far off”, survival mode overhaul inbound
22:35:06Videogaming247NEU: Large new expansion for Destiny in 2016, full game sequel in 2017 – ActiBlizz Q4
22:35:04GamersHellNEU: Clumsy Moose Season Launches on Steam Early Access Next Month, Screens and Video
22:25:04KotakuNEU: A Racing Game About Finding Shortcuts
22:25:01IGNNEU: A Ton of Game of Thrones: Season 6 Photos Revealed
22:20:06Gamespot.comNEU: The 30 most useless superpowers ever created
22:20:06Gamespot.comNEU: Fallout 4's New Xbox One/PS4 Patch Has It Looking Better Than Ever
22:20:06Gamespot.comNEU: Rainbow Six Siege Patch Adds Dedicated Servers, Resolves Serious Bugs
22:15:14GamersHellNEU: Hero and Daughter+ Coming to Steam, Trailer and Screens
22:05:25ShackNewsNEU: New Total War: Warhammer gameplay trailer shows The Empire's side of war
22:05:25ShackNewsNEU: Preorder Your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Phones On February 21 With A Side of Free
21:55:03Videogaming247NEU: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – double your rank and weapons XP this weekend
21:55:03Videogaming247NEU: Conan Exiles dev diary takes you behind-the-scenes
21:55:01GamersHellNEU: PQube Signs Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, Trailer Released
21:55:01GamersHellNEU: Blade & Soul Reaches Two Million Registered Players, Rising Waters Update Deployed
21:35:06Videogaming247NEU: Street Fighter 5 news: Story Mode costumes, Lara trailer, Survival and Challenge Modes
21:35:044PlayersNEU: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Kein Capcom-Spiel hat sich auf dem PC bisher schneller verkauft
21:35:04GamersHellNEU: Total War: Attila Slavic Nations Pack Revealed, Video and Screens Available
21:25:04ShackNewsNEU: Watch Dogs 2 releasing prior to April 2017
21:25:04KotakuNEU: The Makers of Deadpool Had to Slash $7 Million From the Budget at the Last Minute
21:25:04KotakuNEU: Agreed.
21:20:05Gamespot.comNEU: Dead Star Beta PS4 Code Giveaway
21:20:05Gamespot.comNEU: Battlefield Hardline's Last DLC Brings a Sword, Maps, and a Gun Bench
21:20:05Gamespot.comNEU: Unboxing: Deadpool Sideshow Collectible
21:10:01KotakuNEU: Slick Moves, Bats
21:05:23IGNNEU: If You Played The Division Beta, Odds Are You're a Traitor
20:55:03Videogaming247NEU: Insane Destiny player spends 100 hours leveling to 40 on starting mission
20:55:01GamersHellNEU: Factotum 90 Released on Xbox One
20:50:074PlayersNEU: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Grafik-Vergleich, Wolf-Verwandlung und GamePad-Funktionen im Trailer
20:40:04Gamespot.comNEU: The Division's Open Beta Patch Notes Show Dark Zone Changes, New Content
20:40:04Gamespot.comNEU: Canceled Star Wars: Republic Commando 2 Details Revealed
20:40:04Gamespot.comNEU: GS News Update: Quantum Break Getting a PC Release, Xbox One Bundle
20:35:06Videogaming247NEU: Microsoft hosting a Windows 10 and Xbox One event later this month
20:35:06Videogaming247NEU: Xbox 360 games Alan Wake’s American Night, Trials HD now playable on Xbox One
20:35:044PlayersNEU: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Trailer mit Grafik-Vergleich, Wolf-Verwandlung und GamePad-Funktionen
20:35:04GamersHellNEU: Lumo Coming This April, Trailer and Screens
20:25:04KotakuNEU: Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now
20:25:01IGNNEU: New Ratchet and Clank Movie Poster Kicks Some Asteroid
20:20:04Gamespot.comNEU: Homefront: The Revolution Beta Giveaway!
20:15:044PlayersNEU: Ubisoft: Bis April 2017 werden For Honor, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Ghost Recon Wildlands und Watch Dogs 2 erscheinen
20:10:01KotakuNEU: Holy Crap, This 1080p Computer Monitor Is Just $50 Right Now
20:10:01KotakuNEU: The Original 151 Pokémon, Ranked
20:05:04Gamespot.comNEU: Deadpool's Most Gruesome Moments
20:05:02Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Assassin's Creed - Bestätigt: Kein neuer Teil in 2016
20:05:02Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Ubisoft - Finanzbericht: Watch_Dogs 2 + South Park bis Frühjahr 2017
20:05:02Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Umfassendes Update auf Version 2.1
20:05:02Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Quantum Break - Nicht länger Xbox-One-exklusiv
20:05:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Xbox One - Vier weitere Xbox-360-Titel nun kompatibel
20:05:01Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Rocket League - Update auf Version 1.11 + Season 2 gestartet
19:55:03Videogaming247NEU: The Division has 40 unlockable perks – here’s everything you need to know
19:50:074PlayersNEU: Ubisoft: Bis zum April 2017 werden For Honor, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Ghost Recon WildLands und Watch Dogs 2 erscheinen
19:40:23IGNNEU: The Witness, Firewatch, and Coping With Depression
19:25:04ShackNewsNEU: Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal offers new maps, vehicles, assignments, and more in March
19:25:04KotakuNEU: Assassin?s Creed is skipping 2016, but Ubisoft says they?ve still got a full slate for the coming fi
19:25:04KotakuNEU: There?s No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity
19:20:06Gamespot.comNEU: Pay $10 Million, Get Dying Light and a Role in a Movie That Might Not Exist
19:20:06Gamespot.comNEU: There's a New AAA IP Coming From Ubisoft in the Next 14 Months
19:20:03Eurogamer.netNEU: Trials HD and Lego Batman added to Xbox One backwards compatibility
19:15:044PlayersNEU: Ubisoft: Kein weiteres Spiel aus der Assassin's-Creed-Reihe in diesem Jahr
19:05:06ShackNewsNEU: Watch Chattycast get all lovey-dovey live at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET
18:55:04Eurogamer.netNEU: Next Watch Dogs game coming in the next 13 months
18:50:064PlayersNEU: Overwatch - Spielszenen aus dem Betatest zeigen den neuen Modus "Kontrolle" auf der Karte Nepal, inkl. Stufenaufstieg und Lootbox
18:45:03ShackNewsNEU: QuakeCon 2016 pre-registration dates for BYOC and general attendance announced
18:45:03KotakuNEU: The New Powerpuff Girls Aren't Taking Any Crap
18:40:04IGNNEU: Ubisoft 'Re-Examining the Assassin's Creed Franchise'
18:40:04IGNNEU: Watch Dogs Sequel Confirmed for Release in the Next Year
18:40:04IGNNEU: Ubisoft Confirms No Assassin's Creed This Year
18:40:01Eurogamer.netNEU: No new Assassin's Creed this year, Ubisoft confirms
18:35:054PlayersNEU: Need for Speed erscheint im März für PC mit unbegrenzter Framerate, 4K-Auflösung und manueller Schaltung
18:35:054PlayersNEU: Unravel: Video-Guide
18:30:01SpeedManiacsNEU: Tiny Feet Studios arbeitet am GT Legends-Nachfolger
18:20:05Gamespot.comNEU: Sexiest Un-Romanceable Characters - Fallout 4 Show
18:20:02Videogamer.comNEU: There won't be a new Assassin's Creed game this year, confirms Ubisoft
18:20:01Videogaming247NEU: Watch Dogs, South Park sequels coming in 2017 – Ubisoft Q3
18:10:01KotakuNEU: It's Official: Assassin's Creed Is Skipping 2016
18:10:01KotakuNEU: Today's Best Deals: Sous Vide Circulator, Reebok Workout Gear, Apple TV, and More
18:05:06ShackNewsNEU: Twitch's 2015 included over 241 billion minutes of total live streaming
18:05:06ShackNewsNEU: There won't be an Assassin's Creed game in 2016
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